Thursday, 10th November | Time: 9:00 – 13:00

Venue: Eight Members Club: BANK - EC3, London

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INSPIRE Learn | Envision | Connect

The way we work is changing. Envision your working lifestyle and how it’s set to evolve; where we are no longer restrained by our technology, environment or time zone.

Hosted at the exclusive, members-only Eight Club in Bank, this Inspire Central Government event is designed to practically demonstrate, and inspire you to realise your organisational potential in the age of digital transformation and collaboration.

This intimate event will enable you to connect and network with like-minded peers and engage with leading industry experts that will help you rise to the challenge of competing in an increasingly mobile and agile working world.

Working in collaboration with Microsoft and multi-award winning Microsoft Partners CPS and Freedom, we will discuss how Microsoft Technologies, such as Office 365 and Skype for Business, are already transforming business operations.

This exclusive event will offer practical advice on ensuring that solutions are adopted, real examples of how these technologies can enable enhanced productivity, demonstrate greater business efficiency and drive real cost savings for organisations within Central Government.

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Enabling Digital transformation


Connect your workforce and collaborate seamlessly in real time, regardless of your employees’ location or device, with a simple infrastructure for calling, conferencing, and collaborative working.


Reimagine productivity and enable employees to work in new and connected ways with the open and transparent exchange of information and knowledge held by each individual in your organisation.


With Office 365’s advanced security and compliance tools, your organisation will have even more control over data security, with built-in privacy, refined user controls, and greater transparency.


Dramatically drive down costs and realise real ROI for your organisation through travel reductions, unified communications, free calls and site rationalisation.

Designed to fuel your organisation with the tools to enable a culture of digital transformation, sign up for our exclusive Inspire Central Government event. Numbers are limited, so be sure to secure your place today.

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Microsoft Keynote

Microsoft Keynote Speaker

One of Microsoft’s Senior Directors will present a vision for the future of digital transformation, identifying the key technologies and trends that will influence Central Government. Throughout this session, Microsoft will provide a roadmap for the evolution of the latest and leading communication and collaboration platforms.

Phillippa Ritchie

Head of Pre-Sales, CPS

Phillippa Ritchie, ProSci®, MCP, MCTS, CSM, P-TSP, has 10 years of SharePoint and 6 years of Office 365 Consultancy experience and thrives on providing clients with solutions that make their lives better. She’s worked with clients across all verticals and loves learning about new businesses during the initial phases of an implementation.

Greig Valentine

Technical Director, Freedom

Greig has been in the comms industry for over 29 years, currently leading the Consultancy and Technical teams across Freedom’s Microsoft, Data and Voice practices. Greig is constantly developing Freedom’s strong UC portfolio, driving technical strategy, identifying trends, and implementing digital transformation to align with Microsoft’s key mission.

Harry West

Managing Business Consultant, Freedom

Harry is responsible for delivering business and technology consulting services to public and private sector organisations across the UK. With over 12 years of experience, Harry’s helped a wide range of organisations transform the way in which they operate through the effective use of the right technology.

Real Life Examples

Technology in action

Providing insight into new technology solutions for Central Government, this section will explore the organisational challenges that have been overcome as well as the real benefits that have been realised through technology-driven organisational transformation.

Ivan Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer, CPS

Ivan Lloyd is one of the world’s leading experts in Project and Portfolio Management solutions. With a wealth of experience accrued over 25 years of implementing innovative and pragmatic solutions to business problems, Ivan has developed a reputation for excellence in PPM on a global scale. Ivan is a certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner and is passionate about ensuring that any new business solution is properly embedded and adopted through a coherent and structured approach to change.


  • Coffee and Pastries
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Keynote: Microsoft
  • Collaboration in action: Scenario One Live demo
  • Collaboration in action: Scenario Two Live Demo
  • Customer Case Study and Lessons Learned
  • Realising Real ROI and Embedding Change
  • Close: Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • Brunch and Discussions


1 Change Alley,
London, EC3V 3ND

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